Criminal Law

The Law Offices of Alvarado Tsosie, PLLC represents clients who have been arrested, are the target of a criminal investigation or are a potential subject or witness to a law enforcement or legal agency inquiry.  Attorney Alvarado recognizes the potential ramifications that any criminal conduct can have on a client’s future and understands the need for an aggressive and qualified attorney to protect a client’s liberties. Attorney Alvarado has extensive legal experience, both inside and outside the courtroom, that is invaluable to anyone who has been charged with a state crime.

In general, a state crime is any action that violates Utah State’s Penal Law. Most crimes are prosecuted at the state level. Utah Criminal Lawyer Mari Alvarado represents clients on charges ranging from misdemeanors to non violent felonies to violent felonies, including:

During and after an arraignment, there are many decisions to be made, and it is best to speak with a qualified lawyer. In many circumstances, a lawyer may be able to work out a plea bargain  A plea bargain is, in essence, a compromise. Usually, someone will plead guilty to a lesser crime, and the prosecutor will recommend a lesser sentence to the judge. If a guilty plea is not entered, then the case may go to trial, either in the form of a bench trial or a trial by a jury. Plea bargains may be negotiated and entered until the very end of a trial. Before and during a trial, a criminal defense lawyer will formulate a defense, collect evidence, hire investigators, hire expert witnesses, and prepare for testimony and examination, or questioning. It is possible that a trial will end in a guilty verdict and, thus, sentencing. That is hardly anyone’s desired outcome. That is precisely why it makes sense to work with an experienced attorney. Mari Alvarado is uniquely qualified to represent those charged with a crime in court. She works to get her cases dismissed, arrange a plea bargain to lessen or eliminate one’s sentence and criminal record and to offer strong representation at trial. Mari Alvarado has years of legal experience and will adapt to fit the needs of your case. 

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