Family Law

What distinguishes Attorney Alvarado from other aggressive divorce lawyers is her unique capacity to grasp the facts of the case, and to bond with her clients in order to create a personal professional working relationship based upon mutual respect. This winning formula works toward building successful strategies to accomplish the goals of the client. 


Child Custody

Child Support

Equitable Distributions

As a skilled negotiator and trial attorney, and as one of the top Utah divorce lawyers around, she is not afraid to go to trial if your case so warrants and her adversaries know that about her which often times results in a fair swift resolution of your case. If you are looking for an attorney to bargain or to fight diligently on behalf of your rights, the law offices of Mari Alvarado can accomplish this with ease. Mari Alvarado, Esq.'s style and persuasive eloquence of writing works to your benefit both in and out of court, and her client approval rate is very high because she makes herself available to her clients in their time of need and gets results!